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Every Moment Matters

Hospice care is a specialized service that emphasizes the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with incurable diseases or conditions that have resulted in a decline. It provides compassionate care for patients, their families, and loved ones, with an emphasis on addressing the person's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.


Rather than focusing on the disease itself, hospice care addresses the symptoms related to the decline. At its core, hospice care is centered around the family and aims to provide additional support, rather than replace it.

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What is Hospice?

Primecare Hospice provides holistic support for patients and their loved ones. Our services are designed to cater to the body, mind, and spirit, including:

  • Ensuring patients' comfort and pain management while respecting their wishes and those of their families and physicians

  • Enabling patients to spend more time at home and less time in the hospital 

  • Engaging patients with various activities such as companionship, music, and art therapy

  • Providing bereavement support to family members and caregivers 

  • Offering spiritual care and guidance from our chaplain to patients and their loved ones.

We hold the hands of time, recognizing that every moment is a chance to provide comfort, share love, and bring peace.


Please call us today at (770) 755-1972 to set up your consultation and get your loved ones the care they deserve.

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