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Every Moment Matters

Primecare Hospice is dedicated to providing patients with palliative care, education, and symptom management. Our approach is to work closely with patients, their families, and physicians to develop a unique plan tailored to the patient's needs and wishes. Our top priority is to maximize the patient's comfort and dignity and to ensure that they can spend quality time with their loved ones. We offer the following services to achieve our goals:

Skilled Nursing Services:

Our team of registered nurses is committed to mitigating pain and discomfort for patients through treatments that align with their needs and preferences. In addition, they can provide valuable guidance to the patient's family to ensure that the patient is well-cared for and comfortable at all times.

Homemaker and Certified Nursing Assistant Services:

Our certified nursing assistants are an integral part of our exclusive Transitional Care program. They provide aid to patients who are unable to perform daily hygiene tasks, including bathing, dressing, and maintaining their dental health. If family caregivers are struggling to manage household chores, our nursing assistants can provide assistance with basic cleaning.

Medical Consultations:

Primecare Hospice offers patients the opportunity to maintain their relationship with their primary care provider while also benefiting from the expertise of our Medical Directors. Our physicians are available at any time to discuss symptom progression and treatment options, as well as provide medical recommendations and prescriptions when necessary. You can rest assured that our physicians will always respect the patient's wishes, as well as those of their family and primary provider. With a specialization in pain management, our physicians prioritize ensuring patients' comfort.

Round-the-Clock Nursing Support:

Our team of on-call nurses is available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance whenever required. You can be assured that help is readily available at all times.

Prescription Medications:

Our Hospice Medical Director is authorized to prescribe medications that can effectively manage symptoms for various health conditions.

Nutrition Counseling:

The right diet can greatly influence the course of a medical condition. We provide tailored recommendations to our patients, empowering them to look and feel their best.

Physical, Speech, & Occupation Therapy:

Our team consists of highly trained professionals with expertise in various types of therapy. We are dedicated to assisting patients in achieving their maximum potential in terms of mobility and independence.

The smallest gestures can bring immense comfort and the tiniest smiles carry immeasurable value.
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