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Caleb Flournoy

Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

Compassionate and Dynamic Chief Growth Officer

Caleb Flournoy, the Chief Growth Officer of Primecare Hospice and Palliative Inc., is a dynamic and compassionate leader whose expertise in healthcare and unwavering dedication to those in need have made him an invaluable asset to the organization.

Caleb's career journey is a testament to his strategic prowess and innovative thinking within the healthcare industry. He possesses a profound passion for seniors and children with disabilities, a passion that drives his work at Primecare Hospice and Palliative Inc. His mission is clear: to ensure that quality care is accessible to all who require it.

With a background as a licensed practical nurse, Caleb possesses a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape. His skill set extends beyond clinical expertise; he excels in building meaningful relationships with patients, their families, and caregivers. His reputation for delivering compassionate and reliable care has endeared him to those he serves, making him a trusted advocate in the field.

Caleb's love for the outdoors, fishing, and travel is more than just personal interests; it's a reflection of his ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. These shared experiences allow him to relate to individuals on a personal level, fostering a sense of trust and camaraderie that is invaluable in the healthcare industry.

In his capacity as Chief Growth Officer, Caleb is the driving force behind Primecare Hospice's expansion and success. With an impressive 16 years of healthcare leadership experience, he combines innovative campaigns and strategic partnerships to identify new avenues for growth and create brand awareness. His commitment to excellence and his extraordinary ability to build relationships has propelled the company forward, allowing Primecare to broaden its reach and provide exceptional care to an ever-growing number of individuals in need.

In summary, Caleb Flournoy is a visionary leader who is not only committed to the growth of Primecare Hospice and Palliative Inc. but also to the well-being of those they serve. His dedication, profound healthcare knowledge, and capacity for compassionate care have made him a driving force in the industry. Caleb Flournoy's mission is clear: to make quality healthcare accessible to all, and he's doing so with innovation, passion, and a heart full of compassion.

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